Monday, 20 February 2012

Tribute To One Of My Internet Heroes, Take One: Jen

So I spent the better part of my shift trying to figure out how to convey, in something that wasn't a wall of text, how amazing I think Jen is. 

Y'all,* she's one of the reasons I started blogging and kept going. I stalk the ever loving shit out of her, Jaclyn and Misty in the hopes that their level of strength, and courage and bravery and fucking bad assery, will rub off on me and I will be like them when I grow up.

*and yes, fuck you, I say y'all even though I'm Canadian. I say it with a southern accent and don't always realise I'm doing it until someone laughs at me.

So, because Jen was able to correctly find 6 degrees or less between the actors I named and N.F., I am obligated by my own moral code of ethics to devote at least two paragraphs to how awesome this chick is. Two paragraphs because if I set myself up for more I'll end up getting far too emotionally and that shit doesn't do well with my ninja rep.

One of the first posts I remember of Jen's was one of her “Stupidest Crap Ever Spoken By Me and My Friends” posts and I basically fell in love with her and tried to figure out how I could become part of her circle. Clearly, this chick is hilarious. A bonus. She has kids that she refers to as Short People, she has a huge sometimes not but normally just cold war going on with the Office Skank and she's still in school. She's fucking rad. So I began stalking her like I stalk Noa, which means obsessively checking at night to see if she had posted anything new and then wondering why she hadn't posted anything new because I am crazy, apparently, and believe that everyone needs to be awake when I am.

Then I noticed she does funny, and serious. Both are amazing and I love the moments when you're so serious and passionate about an issue, and then you turn it into something hilarious. You keep that serious tone, but you make me chuckle when others would probably scold me for laughing.

You are one of the bravest fucking women I know, Jen.

You lay it all out in your blog, and you have faults. You're not perfect, but you're clearly trying and you're doing it in such a bad ass way that I often re read your blog posts in awe and try to learn from you. Your Red Dress Playlist is forcing me to face what I want, and that I need to start taking steps to getting it. I'm cheering you on with your journey, and I hope that I can figure out my own path soon.

In closing, I stumbled upon this gem and I feel like someone, or something, needs to happen where you get this product and try it. I know your love of bacon, my maja.

Thank you for being so fucking amazing.

Happy Family Day! 


Gia said...

Aw, what a nice post about Jen! I think she's awesome, too.

Mandi E. said...

Yeah, Jen is pretty fuckin' rad. I wish I could point you to some good late PM reading, but I'm the only one I know who posts at bizarre hours. Except for Shane over at Wag the Dad because he's in Europe.

Jen said...

Oh. Em. Gee. You seriously made me cry at my desk and my mascara isn't waterproof, damn it! I love you so hard, my daughter and wish I could drive up there and help you pimp-slap some hotel 'hos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you have actually rendered me speechless. :) xoxo

Front Desk Ninja said...

Gia- I'm glad you agree!

Mandi- I sleep while everyone normally posts, and my competitive streak makes me sad because I end up being the 123908123 commenter. It makes me sad.

I do read Wag the Dad, though.

Jen- I know how hard it is to render you speechless, is it wrong I took this as a higher form of love than the crying? Either way, I mean every word of it! <3

Misty said...

Aww, so sweet. Jen is fucking rad, yo. We all know it and love her for it. Every word you said is true. You couldn't do better than to want to be her when you grow up! Love you both. :)