Where You Should Be If You Aren't With Me

As a Night Audit/Student, I need some places to go and people to laugh with when I don't want to do my work hit a period of quiet. If you like me, you'll love these wonderful people who I stalk follow more than is healthy.

The Bloggess
     Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) is the motherfucking shit, yo. I spent weeks reading her blog from the beginning, and continue to laugh with her. She's honestly amazing. Check her out.

Oh, Noa
     I have such a girlcrush on Noa that it isn't even funny. She seems like she'd be a kickass friend, big sister, or person narrating my life. My life goal is to be funny enough one day to make it into her League. A lot of the ladies (and gents) I blogstalk now are a direct result of her.

Nursery Rhymes and Curse Words
     I absolutely love this mommy-esque blog. She's hilarious and down to earth and so full of win that I can't properly express it here, so go and check her out.

"Jen" e sais quoi
     Jen is fucking amazing. She's hilarious, she's able to speak some french, she has a profound love for Canadian men (Ryan Gosling and Reynolds, to name some) even though she isn't the biggest fan of us up North here. I'm pretty sure she's adopted me and I'm just okay with that.