Friday, 3 February 2012

Tattoos and Ranting About the Whores

Alright, so, I went and got the tattoo tonight and it's fucking awesome. Hurt like a bitch but I didn't cry, and most of the guys who were in the shop witnessing my bloody adventure were impressed because the ribs are an intense place to get tattoos.

I have one picture but it's shitty and you guys deserve better (and I need to get over my self consciousness about my belly and such. I'm a fucking girl, alright? Jesus) and so I'm going to wait until after the hot hot hot shower and all the dried blood and excess ink is washed off and you can then see it.

I'm going to aim for a blog post a day, I think, in February. I'm already off to a really good start, I think.


Tonight was a goddamn shitshow at work, which doesn't surprise me because I'm in pain and wanted nothing more than to sit quietly and watch t.v. online and have a grand ole time doing NOTHING.

Instead I get the crack addicts making noise, two party rooms creating havoc and drama fucking central with a room that had three girls in it. I say had because one girl came back early from the bar, bawling her face off like G-ma died, and then took all of her friends shit, brought it to the front of the hotel, threw it into the garden and checked herself out.

I sat here speechless through most of the ordeal. Offered her kleenex, called her a cab and checked her out. She was the one who rented the room, was responsible for it, and all the things were technically out of the room, so I could.

Four hours later, the bitches come back. Don't see their things immediately, but when they come back to the desk because their keys aren't working, I point them to outside and tell them to call a cab or pay for a room.

Yeah. I'm a total bitch sometimes.

Naturally, as calm, stable individuals they respected me and the hotel property and left quietly.

Or, instead, what they actually did....

-Freaked the fuck out
-Called their friend to freak the fuck out
-Throw things
-Cry like bitch babies.

Cops hauled them off about an hour ago. I am not dealing with some crazy bitches while my side feels like it's on fucking fire, guys.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


Gia said...

I'm excited to see a pic of it!

Misty said...

Awesome. Can't wait to see the pic!!