Thursday, 16 February 2012

Just When You Thought The Whores Had Left...

Tonight there are four rooms, at least, doing activities that my gramma doesn't need to hear about.

Two girls are sharing a room, and, more power to them. I fucking hate this room. I want to send tear gas or something into it, or bleach all their clothes somehow.

I'm working on a post regarding the Classes of Whores, and how I feel they need to adjust their attitudes. When you're nice to the staff, we don't call the fucking cops on you. That should be common sense, right? It's not. These punks feel like they are entitled, because they've been coming here since before I was here, little girl (yeah. YEAH. Got called little girl. Guess how polite I was after that happened)

I'm going to be telling/asking my boss that these chicks be given the goddamn boot. Or I'll warn her that if they're still in tonight when I get in, I'm calling the cops.

I still have no idea how the girls that manage to get any sort of sex, paid or otherwise.
What is it about men that attracts them to plastered on makeup, perfume pouring out of pores (say that five times fast, I dare you), and nasty attitudes?

Things to ponder will plotting how to fuck with the whores and ruin their 'beauty' sleep....


Jaclyn said...

Take a shit on their bed? That's all I've got. Or poisoned lip balm, maybe?

Jana said...

Yes please, I would like to see your level of whoredom chart....complete with graphs and descriptions on each "type" of whore. That would be so awesome!! In the meantime, I have an office vodoo kit if you need to borrow it....I am sure that it works on whores too.

Front Desk Ninja said...

Jaclyn- Your track record with poisoned lip balms isn't high enough yet. And their clients might be into feces. *shudder*

I'll think of something, I'm sure.

Jana- Office whores.... innnnteresting. I like it, and am willing to try it out. Tell me more.

Misty said...

Men like the strange. Doesn't really matter how trashy. And for some, the trashier the better, actually, because the little woman at home is probably the most prim and proper frozen vag in the world. That's how, yo.

What is this y'all keep talking about poisoned lipbalm? I feel like I missed something somewhere (and I've been reading your posts, I swear!!). I hate feeling out of the loop. ((Pout face))

Front Desk Ninja said...

Misty- I want to pinch your cheeks, you're so cute.

I realise *why* the men choose the whores, I'm just... amazed that the whores are so.... old, wrinkly, bitchy, ugly... take your pick.

Lip balm=something Jaclyn sent me, which she claims is poisoned. Clearly I'm alive, though, because zombies wouldn't have this sort of typing ability.