Saturday, 4 February 2012

Instead Of Doing Anything Cool, I Slept

So, I took some pictures of my tattoo, but I want to let the colour calm down a bit more.

Today I did nothing but sleep. It was a staggered, annoying painful ridiculous sleep.
My tattoo is all sorts of uncomfortable, but I love it and don't regret it for a second.
Went out with a friend for some food, which was nice. Distractions and sleep are going to help me this weekend.

Right now it's a movie marathon, beginning with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Next up is going to be The Notebook (don't judge me. I love Ryan Gosling.)

I hope everyone's having a good weekend!
I know I'm super stoked to not be working right now. I drove by on my way home and the cops were there, so I can only imagine what sort of crap the other audit is dealing with.


Jaclyn said...

God, those are some shitty movie choices. And I don't get the whole Ryan Gosling thing. He's attractive enough, I guess. But he's kinda got a weasel face. And he seems too nice. I like dickheads. Why is everyone obsessed with Ryan Gosling? I get crazy looks when I tell people I don't think he's hot. I can provide a list for you of significantly more bangable celebrities:

1. Derek Jeter. I'd fuck the shit out of him. My love has not waned since I was 14.

2. Matt Damon. Admittedly getting a little older, but fucking adorable. And nice but not in that pussy, probably a vegan kinda way R.G. is.

3. Taylor Lautner. Yeah. Even when he was 16. Have you fucking SEEN his body? Also, the age suggests he could fuck me like 10 times a day and only need like 20 minutes to rest in between.

4. Michael C. Hall. WATCH DEXTER. You will understand immediately.

5. Will Smith. So I don't seem like a racist who only likes white dicks (DJ is mixed, so he doesn't count as "black guy I'd fuck"). Also, nice in the way that doesn't make him seem like he fucks dudes on the side.

Those are at the top of my "risk my marriage" list currently. I would do so many filthy things to all of these men.

Front Desk Ninja said...

I love him because he was born in a city 3 hours away from me, he has the hip line things that make smart girls stupid, and I remember an interview he did this year where the guy asked him about all 3 movies he was in and he made a disgusted face and joked about everyone being sick of him already.

Your love for Derek Jeter is acceptable and tolerable, at best. He's alright, but, jesus. He dumped Minka Kelly! That chick is totally bangable. I say duct tape her mouth and just use her body.

I also know who Michael C. Hall is.
And I can't watch DEXTER because YOUR COUNTRY doesn't let me access season One easily and I AM BROKE.

I like the black flavouring you threw up there. Will is definitely decent, although there's a few others I'd pick over him.

Does the list change weekly? monthly? daily?

Jaclyn said...

The list definitely changes as more bangable dudes present themselves. Except for Derek. I'd fuck that dude when he's 50. Also, he and Minka are back together. When they broke up I was kinda like... Jeez, marry the bitch and spit out some gorgeous Jeter babies already! She's hot as fucking hell! I'm glad they are back together.

Maybe when my house stuff comes together and I'm less broke as fuck, I will send you Season 1 on DVD. You definitely can't skip over season 1. It was one of my favorites. Seasons 4 and 5 were fucking amazing too though. I mean they were all good, but those were my favorites.