Wednesday, 3 October 2012

School Is Kicking My Ass

Simply put, guys. I did that lame I'm alive post so no one would worry, and then I disappeared into the wilderness again.

The class I took to get into the Deaf Studies Program I'm in now, was boring and I was lulled into a false sense of awesome.

Real school started and I drowned in homework and assignments with groupwork and barely kept my head afloat. I also found another job, which was giving me way too many hours/days I had to work right after classes and I had to cut back. Having two breakdowns in two days (one during a class, nonetheless) led me to calm my shit down and focus on my school more and work less.

Living out here has been an interesting experience. It will definitely be something to tell the family about, in an edited and family friendly version. The crazy shit that I've heard and that has happened around here aren't things that would warm my mom's heart or keep my gramma's beating, so I'll keep that to myself.

I really miss home, though. Don't get me wrong- I love being independent and out here and learning and doing something I'm passionate about. But missing out on the little people in my life's firsts and their excitement makes my heart ache. I didn't realise how brutal not having that support system on call in person would be.

School is kicking my ass in the way of assignments and group work. I have learned quickly that there are some people in my class who absolutely fail at group work and it's one of the most frustrating things ever. When someone gives no effort to improve or be any help in the way of contributions to the group and our efforts, my brain explodes and I snap at the person(s) involved.

I'm also the sillybum who volunteered for two debates in one class.

I work at a gourmet burger joint that is honestly so much fun to be a part of. First franchise location in Nova Scotia, go team!

Anywhore, I'm beat. I just wanted to post here again because I feel like I've neglected you all too long.
That, and reading more tiny print on intercultural communication is making my eyes bleed.
So I'm going to finish this, then find my chess set because I'm joining the club tomorrow and then I'm going to pass out. Early mornings have also been kicking my ass.

There's always a death match for the campus parking. It's an art form, really.