Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dear Asshat, You're Not Clever


Do not come up to my gift shop, ask me how much the big bag of chips are, and then cry to me about the injustice of the world. It's a hotel gift shop, moron. Of course that shit will be jacked up. You're too fucking lazy to go down the street to the Mac's? We're more than happy to plunder your wallet.

Him: Four bucks? How do you sleep at night?

Me: I don't.

*cue cheesy music*

Yeah. I even laughed at myself for that joke. He was less than amused, though, but, I expected nothing less than a guy who paid me in dimes when I clearly saw he had two toonies in his hand as well.

Day one of 12 hour shift, almost done.
Day two, coming up.


Jaclyn said...

That was kinda awesome.

I love how he implies that you are pricing this shit. Like you go grocery shopping and sell chips for profit at your hotel.

Misty said...

But don't you feel BAD? Don't you feel all remorseful and shit for gouging poor sweet douchecanoes like him? I mean, HOW DARE YOU!!

Next time I dare you to tell him you don't accept change, just dolla bills, y'all!! :)

Jana said...

Man...just think if he would of added a water or soda to that bill.....that shizzles like $20

Jen said...

If he's trawling for chips at the ass crack of dawn he's probably ahmmered anyway, so he'll eat what he gets and LIKE it, goddamnit!

Front Desk Ninja said...

Jaclyn- I actually do. I put the price on the little tags and sticker the shit out of half the stuff in the shop. Boredom at its finest.

Misty- I'm Canadian, you crazy Yank. The effort and paperwork alone on doing the exchange on your dolla bills is not worth the headache.

Jana- Our pop machine is actually dealt with by the company that owns it. We have nothing to do with it, aside from calling when it runs out on sold out hockey weekends.

Jen- It was technically only like, 8pm when this happened. 12 hour shifts give me a lot of material. And time to watch t.v.