Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Chocolate Day Is Almost Here!

Fuck this day.
I say that with love, while I'm possibly? in a relationship, but I absolutely detest this day.

Tomorrow, however. Tomorrow is a completely different story.
February 15th, November 1st and whatever the day in April is after Easter, are my favourite days of the goddamn year. Discount Chocolate Day, bitches.
Those are the days of the year that the big stores have to start reducing their regular EIGHT FUCKING DOLLAR chocolates, to Four. That's right. FOUR DOLLARS.

I may have received a couple chocolates this year before the Big Day, but I am assured I will get a present of chocolate after today. It is enough to make any girl squeal.

Tonight, however, will be Drunk and Lonely Men night. My hotel is all sorts of busy, and most of them are men. Appealing to look at, but it's like window shopping. They just don't completely understand the 'window' aspect. Tonight I'll be in heels and look as old and professional as possible, so when the Mom Voice comes out to scold the children back into their rooms, they may actually listen.

Last year it worked, I think that this year has a real shot at working.

Fingers crossed.


Jana said...

Hair in a bun? Glasses on?? Next thing you know one might have a mommy fetish! Good Luck with the boys tonight

Jaclyn said...

Sure you don't want to reconsider that boxcutter idea? Because THAT is how to get a rowdy man's attention.

Front Desk Ninja said...

Jana- There are a few guys on regular crews that come in that call me "mami". They also are the few guys who know what my fist in their gut feels like.

Jaclyn- I worked in a bookstore, so you'd assume I'd have practice and be fully capable of handling any sort of cutting tool, right?
You'd be wrong. I have scars on my hands, and some on my upper arms (don't ask) from those days. I stand by my reasoning that if someone got close enough for me to have to try and use the boxcutter, I'd be screwed anyways.

I fight better with keys in my hand, or just by sheer bad-assery.