Monday, 6 February 2012

Only Six Days In And I Might Have To Break My Goal, For Fucks Sake

Work is absurd with their bullshit right now, and I say that with loads of love in my heart. We're a man down on the desk and I'm far too much of a money whore to ever say no to extra hours, so my boss scheduled me for a 'cover' shift this weekend, and I'm working 12 hours tonight, and 12 hours tomorrow night.
In total, in the next week I will be working at *least* 52 hours.

I already want to stab myself.
But it'll be okay, provided I get to sleep at a decent hour today, which won't happen because I'm supposed to be babysitting the kidlets.
So for the next week I may be a zombie and may forget to post anything super awesome.

Yay distraction?

The whores and pimps better behave this week or so help me god...

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