Monday, 28 November 2011

It's The End Of A Goddamn Era, Kids

Okay, so I've been in super secret ninja mode for the past... five days.
I got a job offer and it's a serious one and I had to
a) consider my options
b) figure out what the fuck I wanted to do
c) do it.

Saturday night, by the by, I only called the cops once, and it wasn't even for a hotel related issue. I had a drunk passed out (and I thought he was dead-no lie) outside leaning against my sign and it was tacky looking. I listened to the health and safety flag waving in my brain and let them boys in blue (technically black, but I didn't want to sound racist) handle that situation. Funniest twenty minutes of my life, y'all.


The moral of this story, is I have 25 days left at this job, and in 30 days I am flying to a colder, much more isolated, I am almost certifiably insane, smaller province in Canada. For a year.
This is a much nicer place, people. <--- yeah, I'm gonna whore that link out like one of my regular hookers. I figure if anyone really wants to pay the 900+ dollars one way to fly in and stalk my ass, they should probably get a medal.

This place is located in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
It's a once in a lifetime chance, and after five days of no sleep and so many pro and con lists, I'm doing it.
You cannot drive there, you literally have to fly (anytime) or take a ship (summer only, because otherwise...there is ice.)

So! With that all being said, because I have a year to stick it out in the cold cold North, where there is limited? internetz, I feel like the next 30 days are going to turn into a batshit crazy marathon of packing, moving, packing shit for Nunavut, saying goodbye (my first goodbyes start this weekend coming up, I'm already ready to cry) and getting ready to take on the average -30 degree temperatures.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a "moving to Iqaluit" blog, because there aren't many recent ones out there, that I've been able to find. I won't be able to write about the hotel, because I'll have my ass handed to me, but I feel like I can still write about my experiences up there. I'm sure it's going to be a crazy ride, and I want to share.

If I can't, I might just keep a journal, and then bombard you guys in a year.
Whatcha think?


Gia said...


Definitely keep blogging - it may be the only thing that keeps you from gonig totally insane and penning a novel that consists of "All work and no play makes Ninja a very dull boy" again and again.

Jaclyn said...

I hope you decide to keep blogging. Are you going back to your old hotel after the year or is the new company going to place you somewhere else after that? Oh and CONGRATS! Something tells me hookers can't afford that kind of plane ticket.

Front Desk Ninja said...

Gia- I totally have the girl parts! I just checked again.

Jaclyn- I secretly hope the replacement they are getting in line for me (because oh yeah, hi. I get to train someone in the next three weeks to be ready to take over when I leave) sucks complete asshole and I can come back after a year and take my job back.

There's nothing official, from either job. If my new job and I mesh well, I'll get the chance to stay there for another year, but if I can't get easy access/affordable access to the internet, that means I can't do school. I'm not putting that off for more than a year, so I'll be back in Ontario after the year. Or maybe flying to other parts of Canada. Whoooo knows.

I think I will keep blogging, but make a seperate one and hopefully no one checks my profile like you did ;)

I'm super stoked/nervous/going insane because 29/30 days til I move and

AND this reply could have been a whole new blog post. No more caffiene after 10am for me.

Jen said...

Ho. Ly. CRAP! That new place looks wicked cool! You must keep blogging, damn it!

Gia said...

Oh - don't worry, I totes know you're a girl. It was a Shining reference, sorry! (

Front Desk Ninja said...

Jen- For you, Jaclyn and Gia, I will. I am going to make a new blog though, probably tonight after I combat a shitton of homework (because I went from having 2 months to a WEEK!! to get all that work done. My prof will unlock it for a day for me/anyone who notices the 'glitch'.)

Gia- I definitely fall asleep everytime I try to watch that movie. I don't know if it's a defensive mechanism, because I hate scary movies, .... or if Jack makes me sleepy. I'm leaning towards defense mechanism. =D

Mandi E. said...

I have to admit, I'll miss all the stories about hookers, but where you're headed, they may just be loaded enough to import them. But still, you must keep blogging. Even in the frozen north, surely such a place will have satellite internet...

BlackLOG said...

Is that pronounced Frostbite Inn??? Kidding – I firmly believe you regret the things you don’t do not the things you do....well mostly

You cannot drive there, you literally have to fly (anytime) or take a ship (summer only, because otherwise...there is ice.)
Isn’t that why they invented Ice-skates? -