Thursday, 1 December 2011

Life Choices Will Always Come To Punch You In The Mouth, Kids. Always.

I'm not just talking about the unfortunate dress you wore to your cousin's wedding, either.
Life choices are going to affect us in so many future years that you cannot properly control everything.
I'm willing to admit some bad life choices on my part, a lot of bad ones actually, but I figured ever since Douchebag, my life was turning its shit around.
Clearly, Douchebag and his shitty life has yet to be done with me. He is ruining my life now, without even fucking trying.

Without going into details, because it's such a dramatic and long story and shows how bad my judgement was two years ago, my last ex boyfriend is going to be standing trial for something horrible in March, and I get to testify against him. Which isn't that bad of a thing, because I want the fucker to rot in hell, but it completely fucks my Move Away plans.

I'm going to the courthouse today to get more information and if the likelihood is that I'll be in court for more than a few days, I'm pretty confident I won't be moving away, at least not yet. No supervisor/big boss is going to take a chance on someone they do not know, fly them to a remote location and pay them money only to have them be gone for who knows how fucking long, over something that is questionable at best and
shows how bad my judgement was and makes them rethink hiring me at worst.

I'm hoping if I don't get to move this year, I'll be able to end things on good terms with the Inn and maybe reapply when my life isn't so goddamn 80s soap opera. I'm looking at you, Victor Newman.

On a completely related note, Month End was tonight.
It was smooth like a newborn baby's bottom, people. I take it as a sign from the Month End Gods that they are being forgiving and understand my stress levels are two seconds away from shanking the next skank to come in here.

I do have a hilarious story about drunks and escorts, though.
Saving that for next time.

Happy December, kids!


Jaclyn said...

This blows. But I understand why you are sparing the details. My first boyfriend is a humiliating memory. He was and awful person and he wasn't even cute. I should have known better when we were together for less than a week and he started threatening to kill himself. It turned out he was doing meth and heroin and smoking pot every day and I was too naive to realize it. And then I tried to break up with him and he threatened to murder my entire family. Obviously the only choice was to stay with him for another year. Oh, and I move 1000 miles away with him to where his family was from only to have TWO different girls come up to me on the street and tell me they fucked my boyfriend. It took me a long time to untangle myself from that shit and my only respite was when he was in jail for robbing his FRIEND'S house. It was fucking awful and embarrassing as hell. So I feel you on the bad decisions, I just hope it doesn't fuck up everything you've got going on now.

Front Desk Ninja said...

Oh, it did. In the worst fucking way possible and I'm at that special level of rage where I'm so calm, even the dog won't come near me.

I walked in to my old job to un-quit and she had just hired someone, but they are fixing that. So I get to keep my job.

But I'm not moving anymore, and I get to deal with the hoopla of a huge court case, oh, and, I have to deal with Douchebag's being back in my town. Totally excited to relive my 21st year of life. Which I had tried so fucking hard to erase from my memory.

I'm sure I'll blog about it, because I'm ragey. That's what I do, when I'm ragey. I blog.

I also hope everyone else is having a better December 1st than meeee.
<3 much love to you all. For realz.

BlackLOG said...

Sorry - I should have read this one first...... Like I occasionally say (when I’m backtracking ) you often regret the things you do, I mean why would you want to give up on the blogging gold dust that crack whores and their Johns bring to you.... When it all works out for you and you get your dream job at Frostbites Inn there is a useful rules of thumb.....

1). Never talk about where you work – unless it is full of hookers
2). See rule 1

Gia said...

That sucks! I hope it all works out for you

Anonymous said...

Sorry, babe. Everyone was young and stupid once, and sometimes it does come back to bite you in the ass. Was there no way that you could ask your new employ if it was ok to come back for say, a week? Everybody gets vacation time, right? Or would this happen right after you arrived? It is a true shame that it didn't work out for you because you were so excited and that place sounded swanky. I'm sure you will get another opportunity to do something rad though because you rock and the world truly knows that. Head up, girlfriend.

Front Desk Ninja said...

Thank you my favourite lawyer ever!
I was hoping to be able to use my two week vacay as "go and throw his ass in jail to rot" time, but the courts here are slower than shit and the Crown couldn't say how long I'd be needed. New employ was less than excited about that. Shit happens, I suppose.
I'm officially here until after the effing trial. Then I will hopefully pack my bags and find a new exciting place to call home!