Thursday, 24 November 2011

Oh, The Times, They Are A' Changin'...

I butcher that song every karaoke night I go to.
Anywhore, it's been a couple days and I've been meaning to do a post that doesn't involve crackwhores or ridiculous shenangians that you people seem to love so much and it seems that this post is going to be it!

Shit's going down, yo.
I can't give details out just yet, because nothing's dotted and signed, but I'm so fucking excited that I've been bouncing off the walls and selling rooms to crack dealers half off.
Kidding, about the crack dealers.
10% discount say whatttt

Okay. For realz.
I should know by the weekend for sure and when I do you bet Ill write a way better post, involving chocolate and porn and girlish glee.
Until then, I'll let you all picture me, this Saturday night, working a sold out holiday party weekend, once again by myself.

The bets for how many times I'm calling the cops can start.....NOW.

1 comment:

BlackLOG said...

I'm putting you down for 3 cop call outs this weekend ...not because you can't handle the skanks on your own (frankly they probably need protection from you, I've read some of your back blogs) but because I think you have a soft spot for those cop uniforms...