Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yes, I Wear Different Patterned/Coloured Socks While Telling You To STFU. What Of It?

So, I haven't died.
Instead I'm plowing through life like a crazy person and working towards getting shit organized and ready for me moving. I'm working with the theory that I'm going to get accepted into NSCC for Deaf Studies and I need to find ways to fund this and get everything ready.

So I got a second job.
Which isn't a big deal, I've done two (fuck, three jobs) before. And I don't really need training for this one, it's my old high school gig at Dairy Queen.

What IS a big deal is in the span of 43 hours I will have had a twenty minute nap. I am going to try my fucking hardest to nap when I get home in an hour, but, I likely won't, and instead will try to wake up more for my 6 hour shift. 21.5 hours of work in 43 hours is ridiculous. Even by my standards, especially on no sleep.

Two people have legitimately suggested crack or meth to me.
I find it both awesome and sad that they don't believe in my awesome.

Anywhore. The whole point of this was to assure anyone who didn't stalk my twitter (I will say that I fucking squealed like a girly girl when Jen followed me today. Just like I did when Noa followed me. I'm waiting for Jaclyn to get a fucking twitter. Or make me aware of it. Get on that.)

my twitter, I suppose, if y'all wanted to follow? is @jessamaca123
because I'm creative like that.

I had to yell at a couple of whore rooms tonight and one of the guys commented on my socks. Tonight one is bright yellow with black squares, and the other is bright blue with a multicoloured argyle type pattern. It's fantastic.

I have also called one of the stuffiest, and rudest construction guys a judgemental bastard, and I have called the creepy kid a fetus. To his and his co-workers face.
I'm hoping this kid learns how to back the fuck up.
My car isn't opposed to protecting me.

I hope y'all are having a fantastic day/week/month/year.
much love.


leigh said...

good to hear that you aren't dead.

Hope you managed that nap - dude... big hugs for operating on no sleep.

and good luck as always with NSCC.


Misty said...

You work at DQ??? Oh man, I could really go for a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard right about now. Can you hook a sistah up, yo? Just give me the one with no calories or fat, though. Cuz I'm on a diet and shiz.

Get some sleep. People start acting all cray cray when sleep deprived. I wouldn't want to have to see your face on the news, reporting on a kill crazy rampage at that hotel of yours.

Jaclyn said...

Jaclyn has a Twitter that Jaclyn does not ever use because Jaclyn's employer has a problem with Twitter, apparently.


I thought you were some kind of extraordinary stalker. Shouldn't you have figured this out already?

Also, I'd like a blizzard. Air mail that motherfucker.

Jana said...

Oreo cookie blizzard for me please. Also, can you make the ice cream taste a little less like plastic? And glad that you are ok.

Front Desk Ninja said...

To all of you ordering stupid fucking blizzards.

I can make them in my sleep, even now.
I was the cake making queen today, which I found absolutely absurd.
But either way. Get ready for a few months of absolute insanity.