Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blogger Fucks With My Shit. So Does Snow

So I need to figure out how to play nice with Blogger again, since I see shit has changed. This could result in me fucking with the actual blog itself, but, I figure that's okay. I get to control this bitch, right? Right.

I'm typing this while shivering and looking outside, because someone turned the Air Conditioning on again. Not that bad, you say? I beg to differ.

It's snowing like a motherfucking asshole out there. I was wholly unprepared for such an event this time of year, lulled into a false sense of comfort that spring was arriving.

Because of the bad weather, I got hit with a bunch of ragged travellers, which is always nice for business.
I also got hit with a bunch of needy whiny demanding asshats.

First guy was insanely slow about getting all of the information I need to check him in/make a reservation. At one point when trying to dig out his credit card, he asked if he could just read it to me.
               Um, no. No you cannot. I need to physically touch what I'm charging and see that it matches the name on the drivers license you take twenty hours to get to me. This is standard shit, people. Drivers license and credit card. Or Health Card and credit card. Or cash, if you're a ghetto hotel like mine that sometimes willingly checks in the whores and dealers.

I then checked in three more people who told me all about their life stories and why they were travelling so late at night (it was maybe 2am by the time the last person straggled in. Late wasn't even in my vocabulary yet). Overall the past week and a bit has been decent work wise. No more insane drug busts, or bitches acting so crazy I lose my mind.

I also found out I have a three day weekend coming up, but then I'm working 11 days straight, with a couple double days of both jobs. It should be interesting...

I'm done at the hotel June 28th. Moving early July and that should be a whole other adventure.
I might have to change the name of my blog! Can you do that?


leigh said...

dude - the snow yesterday sucked balls... a little spring dusting? no... it was full on snow madness - wtf?

monday plus snow plus being so damn tired made me hate yesterday so hard.

is it the weekend yet?


Front Desk Ninja said...

It's still on again off again blizzard here. I'm ready to punch babies.

This weekend is gonna be full of so much productivity that it's stupid.

Good morning/good night!