Saturday, 28 April 2012

I Was Trying To Come Up With A Witty Sex-Related Post For My 69th Post, But It Wrote Itself...

So, tonight and this week has been kind of retarded with it's level of fuckery. First there was real life stuff, signing up for the second half of the fast track program for ASL (which almost for sure gets my acceptance into the Deaf Studies/ASL Interpreting program, provided I don't fuck shit up too hardcore in July), then I had a wee panic attack about that, because, it's a huge life change and now it's happening TWO MONTHS EARLIER THAN PLANNED.

I'll let that sink in.


I've also had some other shit, aka Bad News Bears, creeping up on me. So that's fun.
Last night was stupid and crazy because of the fucking French kids, who all deserved the broken nose that one of the girls got tonight* but we can't all be that lucky.

                   *and no, you assholes, before you even think it, I was not the one to punch her in the face. I wanted to, but I did not. I let the concrete of the pool area do that for me. It was fantastic. Bloody and horrible, but fantastic.

So, after the children finally went to bed, at TWO AM, because who needs more than 3 chaperones for over 40 kids? Clearly not this school, in case you were wondering. The kids are asleep, or at least in their fucking rooms, and I get the asshole who is on probation and the cops have asked me to call and report if I actually see anything going on, guess what he goes and does?

He does a deal. IN FRONT OF MY WINDOW. The caps lock is painful, and I'm sorry, but I don't have a rage font here yet. I mean, my brain almost exploded at the level of fuckery that went on in front of me. And then they mocked me and tried to talk to me through the very thick window. When they mooned me, and I was scarred for life, I picked up the phone and dialed the number I have memorized for the local cops.

Who waited 20 minutes, so they could all clear out, and did nothing in the end. Because they're super fucking handy like that.

To top off my night, I got a call from the hot hotel guy next door (he's in my age range, too, which is nice for a change. No Daddy jokes here, kids. Shit. I'm really tired. I'm sorry, 5 people who read my blog...)
Anywhore. Jimbo called to tell me that he just spent twenty minutes clearing all the escort flyers off the people's cars in his parking lot, and he figured they bombed me too.

I go and check, and yes. Yes they did.

The part you can't probably see is the WE COME TO YOU. Yeah. There are too many jokes here, I'm not sure where to begin.

So now it's 6am, I have a bag full of escort flyers and no desire to handle the situation. Next door (both of them) called the escort service and 'very sternly told them to never do it again' and I laughed at both of the hotels I'm inbetween.

What the fuck does an escort service care about some goddamn hotel workers getting their panties in a knot?
I'm more than likely going to call the police. Because it's private property they trespassed on, it was snowing outside and I put my flip flops on to deal with it (I was/am wearing heels. Fuck walking around the entire building in heels, y'all.) and because I'm in a bitchy mood. I'm just wondering if they'll do anything about it?

Who knows.

But it's my 'Friday' from the hotel and I have 3 nights off here before the fuckery of a long ass week begins, and I have ice cream to serve to people tonight. Exciting times.
And it's my 69th post! Which, being as mature as I am, obviously means nothing.


TWO DAYS LATER: Blogger decides to not post this. What the fuck, Blogger?
I hate you already.

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