Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This Isn't A Real Post, It's Just A Rant About The Rudeness Of The New Whores


Let's get a few things down.

I'm not stupid. I know how they act and look and talk to the desk.
I know your game and how you work, little miss thang.
Am I pissing all over your business? No. I rarely even call the cops on you, because most of the time, you are polite and handle your shit with gags and feather whips.*

                       *not even lying, the things that have been left behind by these people.... insane.

But tonight, dear whore.
When I ask you what room you're going to, don't play stupid. I can and will follow you and make sure you get to the 'right room'. When you glare at me and snarl (I shit you not, the sounds coming out of Prost-a-Tot's trapper were insane) I will politely remind your 'friend' that any non registered guests must be out of the hotel after 11pm.

When you come back two hours later asking me for change, while glaring and interrupting a paying guest? I'll possibly snap on you.

Learn your fucking manners, Prost-i-Tot. When you then throw back in my face that I'm being nosy? Guess what. It's my motherfucking right to be as nosy as I goddamn want to be in this hotel. If you think for a second the next time you show your drug ravaged face in my hotel I'll let you in, you have another thing coming.

Cute how the law's on my side, eh?



Stephanie "Sassy Pants" Iris said...


You're awesome. Lets be friends.

Front Desk Ninja said...

I'm pretty easy.
Friendship granted.