Saturday, 21 January 2012

Thank You, You Big Emotion Inducing Jerks

Jaclyn- You know I love you. In the creepiest, creepiest way possible. I say that, of course, outside your window, kicking your ass in Words. <3.
You are a huge reason why I feel it's okay to blog about this.

Mandi- I'm sold. I'll spend hours tonight reading your blog, because my family failed to mention they're LEAVING ME for a freaking party tonight. Yeah. I drive THREE HOURS to see them, and they're all... "whoops, peace". Pfft. Horrid.

Leigh- Thank you, dear.

Misty- Too true. I really am like a freaking ninja. All stealthy and shit. I've written a lot about Bug, and kept it for myself... but I feel like I'm going to throw some stuff out here for y'all to read.

I woke up yesterday after my nap to all these comments, and an email from someone completely new, offering me smiles and support. You people are fucking fantastic, and the reason why I feel like it's okay to talk about shit that most others shun from.

I'm replying to the comments that were left on the last post here, because, it felt right.

I love you all more than you know.
Realzy. Even if there are threats of poisoning chocolate chip cookies. Ahem.


Jaclyn said...

I totally would have had more time to commit to beating you at Words, but I was super busy on my lunch break Friday buying you a present. Yeah. Now you can't say anything. I seriously considered sending you some Chinese throwing stars but I don't know that they will cross the border without further questioning and I'd hate to see your present confiscated. Which I think proves that my love for you is equally creepy. And awesome.

Jen said...

Sorry I've been such a douche about keeping up with your blog. Work has been on my ass lately and since Office Skank has been AWOL for a couple of glorious days I've been picking up her, I mean 'slack'. I love you!