Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tribute To One Of My Internet Heroes, Take Two: Jaclyn

I'm still sad and sick and bitchy, but I wanted to get away from that whine-fest for a moment and bring everyone's attention to Jaclyn.

She's on my list of fantastic fucking people and I want you all to fall in love with her and stalk her too. Like Jen, I found her through Noa. Jaclyn is what I think people call a 'mommy-blogger'. Basically, she's a fucking badass mom. I don't even know her kid, and I think she's the coolest kid out there (after my own nieces and nephews, of course. Gotta put family above the children of women who try to kill you with lip balm) and she's pretty funny too.

In all seriousness, Jaclyn is a fucking amazing person.

She's helped me through some tough shit, sent me a letter that made me cry and lip balm that didn't kill me (yet) and cookies that were decent even though they were kinda stale because her country and my country apparently hate each other.

She gives awesome advice, sucks at Words with Friends, hilarious drawings with Draw Something and overall makes me feel like I'm not alone even when shit gets tough. If you need someone to talk dicks, work, or babies with, she's your chick. She's kind of a sore loser when you kick her ass by 218 points though. So, fair warning.

She knows I love her, even when she tries to kill me.
Now y'all know I love her too.

As a completely random fact,
my right ear feels like it's underwater and it's...humming? Throbbing? It's awkward and I want it to stop. Suggestions on ear replacements are being


Gia said...

I love her! Good recommendation

Jaclyn said...

I love you too, of course, even if you are a dirty cheater.

And I still take issue with you saying my cookies are only "decent". It isn't my fault that international shipping takes forever. I'd let you try them in person, but you have potatoes to celebrate, apparently.

Misty said...

Jaclyn rocks. The end.

Might you have an ear infection? My kids used to get them all the time. You need antibiotics, if so. Go to a clinic or something (not sure what Canada has by way of fast med care facilities, just know that it's free. Lucky).

Front Desk Ninja said...

Gia- Thank you!

Jaclyn- Yes, because obviously, if I don't travel to your country that weekend I'll never ever be there ever again. ever. :P

Misty- I used to have those, along with strep throat. It feels nothing like it used to. Tonight it just feels like I have to pop my eardrum? like I've gone on a hill or something?

I choose to wait for puss or blood to come oozing out before I pay it any attention.

Jaclyn said...

In case it was unclear, I'm officially uninviting you from America forever. Because you chose potatoes over me, and that hurts my heart (and my plans. To poison you).