Thursday, 29 March 2012

ASL Practice, No Talking Dinner and A Drug Bust- Typical Wednesday

So, I'm writing this to stave off the boredom while the cops haul the douchebags away.


ASL practicing is tiring, because it's just review of the things I already know and I want to learn more but my next level doesn't start until April 12th.

Tonight was my last class with the local college, and we went out to dinner and had a No Talking rule. That was wicked fun, but I think I'm the only one who thinks so... everyone else was chomping at the bit to talk while they signed. I think I'm both odd and awesome for not being affected either way. I don't mouth the words I'm signing, I just sign and assume everyone knows what the fuck is up.

Then tonight my favourite cop came in and said he missed me, asked about the trouble rooms and I pointed him to one, like a good night audit. He and his partner wander down to see if they can hear anything, and they smell an amazing amount of pot (which is why I'm so fucking tired and have the munchies tonight) so they knock on the door, get no answer and then come up to the desk.

I advise them that the dumbasses will likely bolt through the back door, and my cop takes my advice and calls in backup. So I get swarmed by cops, all of them hot and delicious, of course. Ten minutes later they're running down the hall and telling me I'm right.

I'm not even phased by this. Seriously. I think it's absurd how nonchalant I am about shit like this nowadays. It takes a fuck of a lot more to shock me or ruffle my feathers, which is probably a good thing?

Who the fuck knows.

I'm alive, and I'm okay, and I love all of you for everything.


leigh said...

good to hear from you!

i kind love the idea of just signing during a dinner - that's all kinds of amazing.

Monica said...

I don't know how you haven't stabbed someone by now. Or maybe you have and I'm just making assumptions.

ColinP said...

It is amazing what we can become jaded towards.