Monday, 3 October 2011

The Drunk Toddlers Saga: The Sweet Kid

He’s already gone, and has been for a long while. Still remember him though.
His real name was a common one, a few of the guys had that name too and so they called him a slew of nicknames. Garth, Shy Kid, Cobra, and something else that I can’t remember. I called him my Sweet Kid. He’s younger than I am, and he started with the boys the same time I started at the hotel. It took him three months of working this job site and staying at my hotel for him to come out and talk to me without the rest of the guys. Adorable, for one. Not the prettiest guy on the crew, but I have never been one for looks and looks alone. He was hilarious once you got past the shy bullshit and had him more sober than a Wednesday night.

He was the one who forced a hug on me when I came to work the night after my uncle died.
The one who I first told about being pregnant, even though that eventually blew up in my face (protip 2398? Don’t tell a boy who is prone to spilling his feelings and thoughts out something you wanted to keep secret from the rest of the toddlers. He’ll spill that shit oh so fast when they razz him for not making a move on me)

He was an awesome guy, an amazing friend. One of the only toddlers to ever get my actual cellphone number, although we don’t talk hardly ever now. That’s what happens when you don’t see each other all the time, right? Sad, but it happens. He went back to school and when his co-op kicked in again, his company sent him to a newer site. I will forever remember the moments he was here and he was my friend, though…

-The time he came out after all the guys had gone to bed to ask for a wake up call, as an excuse to come out and talk to me in the comfy chairs in the lobby.

-When he heard about my uncle and saw how I wasn’t crying, or showing any emotion he made an ass out of himself and lept over the counter to pull me into a hug after I warned him I’d punch him if he touched me.

-During Christmas, the week before the guys all went on a two week vacation for the holidays, they were all up at the desk saying goodbye (and eating the cookies and muffins I had made) he came up, went behind the desk and kissed me in front of all of them. Strong lips- he must practice on watermelons, or something.*

Safe to say that he was and will always be one of my favourite Drunk Toddlers, my Sweet Shy Kid.

*If you do not understand that line, you need to go back to the 80s and educate yourself. That is all.

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