Sunday, 2 October 2011

Drunk Toddlers: The Beginnings

Drunk Toddlers. My boymen. The guys who have (some of them) been there longer than I've been employed, day in and day out, Monday through Thursday (or Friday or Saturday if they've had a shitty productive week). A lot of them have already left me, only 8 of the originals are left. They are my friends, whether they want it or not. The boys are actually older than me (except for two, who are just wee babies at 20/21. And I realise they're only 2/3 years older than me, but trust me. The generational gap has punched them in the boyjunk.) but when you feed them the booze, they turn into children. So I call them as such.

Hopefully once a week (possibly more, depending on the ridiculous of work/school/any interesting shit that happens that ADD Squirrels me instead) I'm going to write a blurb about the ones I've met and had an impact made. I'll nickname them to protect them (because, y'know, I expect this shit to get really popular. I mean, hello! Who doesn't want to read about the raw meat on my counter, or the naked races down a hallway...) and all shall be grand.

While reading the Drunk Toddlers series, keep in mind that I honestly do love these guys. They're all spectacular examples of what hardworking men are, and if they didn't all have girlfriends/wives/things to bang at home, and it wasn't completely against the rules and I signed something thank you very much so my legs are staying closed, I'd probably have taken a few of them up on the beer and pool offers. Oh, and the fact they live three hours away from me in real life and not hotel life. That also puts a cockblock.

But they are handsome. Tall, dark, handsome, most of them come from the small towns and country roads that I basically want to dry hump. Yeah. Great window-shopping opportunities.

Getting off topic.

I should have the first part in the series up later on.......
Hope everyone's enjoying the October air!

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