Friday, 7 October 2011

all the ups and downs and you can't get off


Most of my toddlers are gone, so I'll actually start working on that saga I promised a while ago.
Not tonight, though.
Or this weekend
Or next week.

Tonight Im mopping up carpet, and trying to stay sane.
It's harder than it sounds, when you have parties to shut up (oh hai, I'm 23 and I look like I'm MAYBE 15 on a good day? Picture that coming to your door to ask you to be quiet. Yeah. You can stop laughing now.) and when you constantly have drunks thinking I have all the time in the fucking world to deal with their really bad attempts at picking me up..
And then a room floods.
Not just, a little flood.
A flood that started after 11, maybe, and kept flooding until after 12 when I was forced to leave my office and go deal with something completely unrelated.
It's super working on nights like these, lemme tell you.

This weekend, for all us Canucks out there, is Thanksgiving. Nomz.
I work, so obviously we're also a sold out hockey tournament weekend.
18-30 yearolds.
The temptation to do some shots before work, I will not lie, is high. I'm going to try and power through.

This week coming up I'm moving, so, expect insanity and possible bone breaking, because it's not a moving party without a little blood in my life.

Right now, though, I'm blaring inappropriate music and preparing for round 6 with the mop.
Wish me luck.


Jaclyn said...

I've got to tell you, mopping up carpet totally sounds like some lesbian shit.

Paula said...

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving...I know I enjoyed my Columbus Day, but I was kind of sad there was no gravy...

Front Desk Ninja said...

@Jaclyn: I felt like I was in a prison and I had made the butch leader angry. In reality, I was a sweaty mess of frustration because in that game.

@Paula: My turkey was delicious. I had more potatoes and gravy and those amazing dinner rolls that I could eat bagfuls of. It made my weekend slightly more bearable.