Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sweet Baby Jesus, I'm Still Alive, I Swear

Okay so this isn't a real post, but more of a "I'm still alive and here's where I'm at in the world so far"

I just had my last shift slinging ice cream. It was bittersweet and full of kids I didn't want to crotch shot, so that was pleasant.

I am working three more shifts (Thursday, Sunday and Monday) at the hotel and then that is also done and I'm officially jobless. Which is scaring the fucking shit out of me because let's face it, I'm a workoholic and an entire week off and then magically I need to find a job in another province that is very NOT HELPFUL with the believing I'm coming there... sigh. 'Hole other rant, kids. Whole other rant.

I haven't packed at all.

I'm a goddamn procrastinator, this shouldn't shock anyone who knows me.

I have this weekend off, and because my parents are wonderful and I suspect they're also slightly concerned about my tank of a car actually killing me on this adventure, they're making me take it into the mechanics so Ill be without transportation. Maybe I'll get some packing and organizing done then?

It's all happening really fast and a lot of things still need to come together and I'm realising just how unprepared I am to leave Ontario (stalkers, I'm moving, so, calm yo tits.) but, I'm also really really excited.

I have plans to hang out with people I haven't been able to in years, and meet family that has been born in my time away! Exciting shit, yes?

So. I'm stressed, I'm freaking out and I'm really excited.
I have... 12 days until I leave my house and not come back.
In 16 days I'll be unpacking and hopefully stealing internet so I can post here again and let you guys know I'm safe and sound and how ghetto my new place really is.

So much to do, so many people to say goodbye to.... it's silly.

Sidenote, everytime I say "say goodbye to" I keep thinking of that scene in Titanic where the little girl is crying as she gets onto the boat with her mom and sister and the dad is all, "It's only goodbye for a little while. Just a little while!"

Random fucking shit, yo.

Alright. I should go and pretend I'm training, I guess.
Which we cannot discuss on here. Kill me now, and pray for this poor hotel.
Quality of service shall plummet when my ass leaves.

I hope everyone is alive and all that!


Gia said...

Holy stressful! Good luck with the move, lady.

Jaclyn said...
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