Thursday, 29 September 2011

How Far Politically Correct Reaches

Andrew: “David, what colour is the car?”
David: “Its black, Andrew.”
Andrew: “David! We’re teachers. It’s African American, not black!”

Funniest moment of my life. Andrew was far too serious.
I only know the names because I had to add them into the system. I’m not that big of a creep, y’all


Jaclyn said...

The great thing about being in my family is that we have most of our race bases covered which opens up the field to make racist jokes whenever we want. My brother-in-law is black and my husband is a first generation hispanic immigrant so you get my family together and we are just awful with the jokes. My brother-in-law can't ever eat chicken without the obvious jokes. My husband gets accused of stealing American jobs. And we make fun of the kids too. My husband's country of origin is kind of notorious for having, ahem, sticky fingers. So when we walked out of Walmart and Caitlyn was holding onto a Cookie Monster we forgot to pay for... yeah, there were some jokes. And we like to joke that my niece (who is 17 months) has a big black girl ass (she totally does). My other nephew is the whitest kid ever, blond with light eyes, so when a family friend's blond daughter pushed my child off a chair to make room for my blond nephew, I might have thrown around some Nazi jokes.

What I am basically saying is that we are all terrible people.

Front Desk Ninja said...

It is awesome to know I'm not the only one who has a family that really, probably shouldn't be allowed out in public when we're all together.

I was invited/voluntold to attend family dinner this weekend with out of town relatives,... the last time my stepdad and his brother got together, they raced wheelchairs down an old age home and swapped jellos with a patient.

They claim to be trying out their new digs.